When He needs me

So my kinky readers I know I had mentioned this past weekend was going to be a night of me getting more emerged in the BDSM world. However nature had another plan for us. 

Sir got some sort of stomach bug on Friday. He was puking all day. All I wanted to do when he text me was to take care of him. Idk if that’s just the woman I am or the submissive in me caring for his needs. I got to him around 5:30pm and brought meds and things to settle his stomach. I hated seeing him like that. As much as I wanted him to unleash the animal inside of him, I also wanted to make sure he was ok. That was the first night we slept together without fucking. I don’t think he knows what that did to me. That made me almost dependent on him. I knew falling asleep that night I would be lost without him. 

Saturday morning he woke up feeling a little better. We ran around doing some errands. My favorite stops were the sex shop.  When we got to the store I may have been slightly drunk( no worries guys he drove not me) so I was a little more open about things. I needed an anal numbing creme, lube, and I wanted rope or some sort of restraints. I ended up with the anal creme, a mask, and a female enhancer pill from the sex shop. But I still wanted restraints. So we went to Walmart bc me being the person I am figured any rope would work. By the time he pulled up to Walmart I was already ready to fuck him. But to watch him look at the ropes with me and to ask me what kind of lube I wanted had me soaking my panties. When we got what we needed we headed back to the hotel. Keep in mind the whole day he wasn’t feeling 100% himself. His stomach was still a little uneasy. But when I tell you I wasn’t in that room for more than 10 minutes before he had fingers in my pussy, hand full of hair and me bent over the bathroom counter watching him make me cum, I was ready to explode. The look in his eye as I watched in the mirror was enough to make me cum without his rough hands roaming my body. But what made me loose it was when he put his belt around my throat. I never felt so sexy and so wanted. 

For personal reasons I won’t go to much into detail about the whole night but he had me soaking the whole night. I discovered my least favorite command “Hands to yourself” and he would use it until I came and then I could touch him. Gaging on his cock while he had be ride his face was one of my favorite ways to please him. But what’s more is I discovered I truly loved and craved the relationship we have. We can fuck, sleep for an hour or two, fuck some more, goof around, sleep, and fuck again. He’s the only person I’ve been completely comfortable with and completely okay in my body with. I can’t wait to see how far he pushes my limits and what feelings of Ecstasy he brings me but I know without a doubt in my mind, I’m his and would fall apart without his command and his presence. He is my Sir. I’m his play thing. Losing that, would kill me.  


Becoming His

So you’ve all read a little back story as to how He and I have been. The more we hooked up and the more I let go of my fears, the harder I fell for him. I can openly tell y’all that I love this man and I am his. From what I’ve learned and experienced about being a submissive female, the relationship wouldn’t work if I didn’t love him. How could I let go of every inhibition I have to just anyone? That’s alot of trust for someone I don’t care for. You may think I am dumb as hell for falling in love with him but in all honesty the moment I admitted it to myself everything else fell into place. I didnt second guess listening to a command or following instructions. I actually craved them. In my mind, those orders are his way of expressing his feelings to me. If he didn’t care, he would’t ease me into his lifestyle…he wouldn’t notice how my body reacted to every comand….

The longer I talked to him the more I realized I needed his dominance. I wanted to hear the commands. I got wet with every husky order. It all really started when I being the stubborn female I am told him we didn’t have to date but I’d still hit him up to fuck. He was trying to tell me we couldn’t do this anymore because he had too much on his plate. In his defense guys he really does have a fuck ton going on. But I wanted to go thru it by his side. So I knew telling him I was still going to call him for a good time would hook him. And it did. That’s when I started asking him about the BDSM world. 

His first commands were how I should keep my pussy. Landing strip. 3 inches tall and 1 inch wide. Second command was no orgasms unless given permission by him first. You may think I’m crazy for obeying but to me it’s fucking sexy. He knows what he wants and the built up frustration from not having an orgasm on a daily makes me weak when he asks to see how wet I am while at work. 

Tuesday night he sent me a text “I’m hungry”. This is his way of telling me he wants my pussy and wants it til he’s full. He told me to be in my car at 7 to head his way. The whole drive I was soaking wet with anticipation. I needed his touch. His approval. His release. I told him how wet I was getting just thinking about him and he told me to play with my tits and rub my clit to keep myself ready for him. I did as instructed. When I pulled up to the house I was fucking ready. He had me hop in the passengers seat and him drive. We didn’t even make it to the end of the driveway before he was parked and had a hand down my pants. I was ready to cum then. “Don’t you dare cum without asking. Not yet. You hold it.” I don’t think he could understand how hard that command was. Right before I did he instructed me to take off my pants and panties and lay the seat back. Me being a brat I only removed my sweat pants. That earned me a quick smack to my inner thigh and I almost came right then. After removing the barriers between him and my throbbing clit he started driving. The whole drive thou he had me legs spread playing with myself until he could stop. Every stop he’d finger fuck me until I’d squirt or beg Daddy if I could cum. At some point he had pulled out and instructed me to removed his belt and undo his pants. My favorite thing is to choke on his cock. His rough hand on the back of my head making me gag and taking him deeper in the back of my throat. Knowing I test his control by just the use of my mouth gets me ready for another orgasim. His fingers deep inside my swollen pussy while I have a mouth full of his cock was pure ecstasy. We finally found a place to park the car so I could feel his dick in my pussy. I wanted to clench around him. I needed it. He ordered me to bend over the seat and grab the back head rest. He settled himself between my legs and started fucking me like his beautiful slut. Rough and fast. Smacks to the ass and sweat dripping. I was lost in him. By giving up so much control in how we fucked I gained it all. Everything was about me or for me. I enjoy having him pound my ass. I arch my back and beg for it in my body langue. I love how it feels when he stretches my ass out to take him. I found myself begging him to go harder. Once he had his way he returned to fucking the pussy that was craving him. I came all over his dick as he came inside me. I felt so full in that moment and I embraced it. I felt like a queen. He appreciated every curve of my body and I felt sexy as fuck the way he looked at me. The way he told me I tasted fucking good. I knew I was his and no other life would work for me. I had to have him as my Sir. 
Alright guys that’s it for tonight!!! Keep the sex kinky and the sheets wet. 

Next blog won’t be until after Saturday. Saturday night is when I’ll get a better taste for his dom side. He’s already told me once the door shuts my pants coke off and I bend over the bed to wait for further instruction. I’m wet just thinking about it. Fuck yes. 

Falling for the Dom

Hey guys!! Sorry I had to end last night’s blog so soon but I am here now to give y’all some more details.

After the first night at His place, I was hooked. I needed to feel him again. I wanted to be the reason he came and the one to please him. Heading home that morning, I could feel him everywhere. My legs were sore, bruises on my ass, and my clit actually hurt. That had to be the first time I had ever woke up and I knew I had been fucked the night before just from how I moved.

Thinking back to our hook up, I could tell he was holding back. If i bit or scratched a certain place, he almost growled and his jaw would tense. I didn’t really understand why he would fight what I was obviously trying to get him to do. I was pulling out my best moves here guys and I could see it in his body language that he wouldnt cave. Not to brag or tut my own horn, but I am pretty damn good at giving head. Hearing the way he would say “Fuck baby girl” or “God damn” in a tone full of desire baffeled me as to why he wouldn’t fuck me like he wanted to. I was trying to push his buttons and unleash the animal I could clearly sense was inside. Now I will admit even at this point I had no clue his true Dom personality. We had talked here and there about the toys he had and wanted to use or his previous girlfriends and the things they had done. I love a good restraint every now and again but listening to his stories I almost wanted to call his bluff.

I went back out to his place a couple more times and more and more of his control was showing. He would play with my clit, get me soaking wet, and then stop right before i could cum. His tone would get firm , lock eyes with me and say”Are you ready to cum?” All I could think in my head was “Fuck Yes i am!” but a simple yes wouldn’t suffice. He wouldn’t do what I wanted until I said “Yes sir.” And after every orgasm if a “Thank you sir” wasn’t stated I got a quick hand to my ass. A huge part of me wouldn’t thank him right away just to recieve the spanking. Other times thou I did it because I wanted to cum again. It became my favorite game. A test of the wills. Would I give him the manners he wanted? Would he give me the orgasms I craved? Every time I found myself giving in first. Everytime I realized I got a little more wet or moaned a little louder when I was giving him what he wanted. By giving him his satisfaction I gained my own. I would have numerous orgasms a night and the rough sex left me melted in the sheets wanting and needing more.

Everytime we met to hook up I could still feel the reserve in him so I decided to show him how much I needed him to unleash. One weekend he came and stayed at my house and I took the oppurtunity to push out of my comfort zone to make sure he was truly pleased after sex. We spent the day drinking and messing around. Me on my knees, taking is cock; to him in between my legs eating his fill as my clit swolle to his touch.  Somehow we ended up at Chrystal’s, the adult toy store, to get a few play things. Call it my stubborn will agian but I wanted to go after hearing another story of him and another woman. I was sick of hearing how these women could handle him, or how they pleased him, or how rough he got with them. My biggest no in sex was always anal. Don’t ask why because I couldn’t really tell you. That night we got anal ease creme, and I picked out a female enhancer pill. I wnted my sex drive to match his. I wanted to go as long and as rough as he’d go. Needless to say that night I gave him all of me. Any hole he wanted to fuck was his. Any place he wanted to put me was his decision. He was sweet and rough all in the same moment. He ate pussy for what felt like hours until i was soaking. He made me squirt multiple times before he even reached for the anal ease. By that point my body wasnt my own. I felt everything and could move nothing. Getting on all fours and lifting my ass to time took so much strength and felt simple at the same time. The second I felt him enter, all I wanted to do was back my ass into him and make myself take all of him. He was slow at first, but my willingness to keep going encouraged hm to pound hard and go deeper. I never regerstired pain from it because with every deep thrust came a swift smack on the ass from is palm. He kept me feeling alive.



Discovering who I am

Hey guys!! Thanks for taking the time to browse my blog. I’m super new to this but I wanted to share my discoveries and experiences with you. Before we get started, please understand I’m still learning to so anything I post is because it happened. Nothing more. This blog is all about learning and discovering BDSM. I recently found out that I’m extremely turned on to the idea of being a submissive to a true dominate man. That’s being said, there have been times in my past that I’ve come across doms who didn’t appease me. They were either too controlling and belittling. Or (keep in mind this is my personal view point) too soft. The man I will be talking about in every post is my Sir, my Master, my Daddy. To you those names may make him “better” than me but really I’ve learned I hold all the power. I’ve come to trust him and respect him. With those things comes total submission. And y’all are going to see play by play how (or even if) I become completely submissive to him. 

A little about me… I’m 24 years old and up until this point in my life I looked at sex as a chore or duty. I never fully enjoyed it because no man ever worried about pleasing me in the process. I came to believe sex would always be missionary or doggie, only about 15 minutes, and boring. I have now learned it is so much more. 
I met my Sir in August of this year. We met online and was strictly texting and video chatting up until October. I could tell he had a strong personality. He never really talked about sex with me and I respected him for it. One day I was feeling frisky and knew he was out of town so I sent a picture of me in lingerie. His response was “ill ruin your life baby girl”. Until recently I didn’t know how true those words would be. So for about 3 weeks we sent nudes or video chatted with sexual induindos. The day he came back into town I went out to see him. That night gave me a taste of something that I don’t think will ever be satisfied. 

The first time we hooked up he showed his dominance a little. We were standing in the hallway and all he said was he was hungry. I had no idea what he meant by that so I walked closer and asked. When I was within reaching distance he put his hand in my pants and started finger fucking me. I’ve never had anything feel so good and so intense so soon. He whispered “cum for me” and I lost it. I soaked his hand and my panties in a matter of minutes when I normally don’t ever cum. I didn’t think I could handle more. But apparently we had just started. 7 more times he made me cum with just his hand. Every time I flinched away because it was too much or squirmed out of his grasp, he pinned me to the wall and demanded I stop moving. I was lost. My head was in over drive and my body was screaming to cum again and needing a break. By the time we moved to the bed room he had me on my knees bent over the sofa ready to take me. I went to turn around and he spanked me. I wasn’t expecting it. I never had been spanked in my adult like and never in the middle of sex. But that simple act had me dripping and craving more. That night he had me in any position he wanted and would give me 20 minute breaks before we would go again. 

Apparently I had only seen the tip of the iceberg with him. I found out he was controlling himself. Trying to earn my trust and break me into how he enjoys sex. The more we hooked up the harder and rougher I wanted him to be. These blogs are going to show you my experience learning to date and love a dom. I never saw myself as a submissive woman but when you cum just from hearing “Good girl”… you learn that maybe just maybe you are a true submissive. 

I would share more details guys but Daddy is waiting for me to come see him…until tomorrow keep the sex kinky and the sheets wet.